This revolutionary design sets a new standard in assembly time and cost savings. The manifolds (Tichelmann system) and the sump are already integrated in each casting section creating less components, less risk for failure and thus higher reliability. The flow and return pipe both exit the boiler at the backside. The boiler only consists of a front-, back- and mid-section casting. By adding more mid-sections, boilers with capacities starting from 340 until 600 kW can be built. As a customer, you are very flexible in deciding which capacity to make and due to less parts, you need less stock, thus saving more costs.


  • For industrial use.
  • Low hydraulic pressure drop because of parallel water flow.
  • High modulation range possible.
  • Low pneumatic resistance.
  • Best price/quality ratio in the market.
  • Global patented design.
  • Manifolds (Tichelmann) and sump integrated in the casting sections.
  • CE approved.
  • Available as leak proofed heat cell only or as a complete tested boiler under private label.
  • Separate sections can also be ordered.
  • Combustion chamber completely water cooled, no refractories needed.