Intermodul Mega


Based upon the revolutionary design of his predecessors the ‘Intermodul’ and ‘the Intermodul Maxi’ we developed ‘The Intermodul Mega’. The biggest alucast condensing boiler available on the market. Our innovative manifolds (Tichelmann system) and the sump are prefab integrated in every single casting section. This means less components and higher reliability. The flow and return pipe exit the Intermodul boiler at the backside. Our patented heat exchanger consists of a front-, back-, and mid-section casting. Industrial capacities up to 2200 kW can be reached. Our Intermodul MEGA system gives our customers the possibility to assemble ultra high capacity tailor made solutions.


  • For industrial use (XXL).
  • Best price / quality ratio in the market.
  • Low hydraulic pressure drop because of parallel water flow.
  • Manifolds (Tichelmann system) and sump integrated in
  • the casting sections.
  • Low pneumatic resistance.
  • Combustion chamber completely water cooled,
  • no refractories needed.
  • High capacity on a small footprint. Just 3.2 m2 floor area.
  • Available as heat cell only or as a complete tested boiler under private label.
  • CE approved.
  • State of the Art Worgas cylindrical burner inside.
  • Tailor made capacity.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Global patented design. (Tichelmann system)

Intermodul Mega

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