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We have an extensive, innovative and diverse product portfolio that can be divided into three product groups:
  • Development of aluminium heat exchangers (sand-cast) for the central heating industry
  • Development of aluminium heat exchangers (extrusion) for the combined heat and power (CHP, also called 'cogeneration') and central heating industries
  • Development of various products and control systems, including our own CHP system, for the heating industry
Our core competence is aluminium heat exchangers (sand-cast) for the central heating industry and here we have developed a number of products with completely new designs and applications. Their price/performance ratio puts these heat exchangers in the top echelons of the market. And because we have developed most of these products exclusively for our customers, we do not feature these designs on our website.

The development of aluminium heat exchangers through extrusion is new. This revolutionary new concept enables us, a European producer, to compete with the costs of production of low-wage countries. And, depending on the capacity required, small production runs of bespoke boilers are also possible. One standard design serves as the basis for custom-made products.

Some applications are highly suitable for the CHP industry. Here we use our extruded heat exchanger to recycle the heat that is still present in the flue gases as the smoother surface resulting from extrusion leads to less pollution than if a sand-cast heat exchanger is used in this case.

Other products include a CHP system that we have developed particularly for the European market. This is aimed specifically at small health care complexes, large guest houses and homes, and small hotels with an annual heating capacity of at least approx. 80,000 kWh.